PAO MACC GROUP is recognized as one of the most important companies in the world for the innovative design and manufacture of specialized finishing and decorating equipment for lineal molding: Picture Frames, Mirror Frames, Furniture Parts, Kitchen Cabinet Doors and Architectural Millwork. Processing of all lineal material such as solid wood, MDF (natural or paper wrapped), plastic, and aluminum.

Finishing Equipment: Gesso, Sanding,and Spraying


Decorating Equipment: Compo, Heat Embossing, Automatic Patina, Antiquing, and Hot Stamp Foiling.


Final Processing Equipment: Splitting and Paper Wrapping.


Material Handling. Transfers (2 and 3 way), Stackers, Un-stackers Machine Feeders and Unloaders




Our original business was the manufacturing of lineal sanders. By working closely with our customers, we became more and more familiar with manufactures of picture frame moulding. The demand for quality picture frame moulding was growing at a rate much faster than most manufacturer's production capacity. We concentrated on designing and building specialty equipment to duplicate intensive hand- work and improve productivity per man-hour, while promoting innovative styles and designs.


In the mid 1976 our Company produced the first Roll-Leaf Gilding Machine. We also introduced the high-speed multi-head Hot Stamp Foil Machine, which was marketed under many different labels. We expanded our product line to include Antiquing Machines and innovative Compo Machines. To help our customers add more value to their products.


In 1982, three major engineers of our Company purchased the business from the owner, to form the company PAO MACC GROUP We stopped producing machines for other companies, label in order to concentrate on the new PAO MACC GROUP product line. Today PAO MACC GROUP Agents market our products world wide.

Our goal at PAO MACC GROUP is to manufacture the most reliable, efficient and cost effective machines on the market today. All of our machines utilise the finest materials available, and all electrical components are from world-renowned suppliers : all of our machines are equipped with PLC and Siemens devices.

PAO MACC GROUP maintains close relationship with our customers in order to consistently meet their needs for modern finishing materials , moulding designs and profiles. We are flexible and will make modifications on our standard machines for special needs.


PAO MACC GROUP machines are owned by the most famous picture frame moulding manufacturers in the world. Many of these customers continue to run some of the older machines and have purchased our new and innovative models



The latest PAO MACC GROUP machine's models are Patina and Antiquing Finishing Machines, Electrical Heat Embossing, Compo Machine with large bulk container for material with auto recovery and recycle of excess material. New generations of Hot Stamping Foil machines with special features such as embossing. Foliers for plastics (PVC and polystyrene) in line extrusions with not material drive or as off line as independent machine foiling at 20m to 30m per minute.



PAO MACC GROUP'S FACTORY is located in ALBAIRATE ,11 km. from Milan -Italy






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